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Google Analytics的时区问题

Posted by zeal on 2005-12-02 11:57 , 549 characters |  + 0 - 0   English
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Google Analytics虽然一度不堪重负暂停了新帐号的注册,总算反应还算快,至少能先恢复已有账户的统计工作。一段时间的使用下来,整体的功能很强大,可是不能根据自己的需要来设置统计报告日期的时区,报告数据看上去总有些别扭:每天的访问量一半算在昨天,一半算在今天。Analytics的技术支持对于这个问题的回复是:

I understand that you would like to change the time zone of your reports. At this time, all reports are in Pacific Standard time in order to match with AdWords reports. However, we understand the need for users to have reporting in different time zones and will take your thoughts into account as we move forward with our product development.


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